We like to think a little differently.
It’s not about “us”. It’s about you…
It’s about the importance of music to you.
It’s about your investment in the best possible equipment able to fully reproduce music together with an emotional connection.

Our passion is translated into our choice of products. Products we proudly represent as the sole importers and South African distributors. Products that will allow you to get to the music.

If the music you play through our products puts a smile on your face or a tear in your eye, then we have achieved our goal.

We invite you to audition our products in one of our stores, or call us and we will gladly call on you.

The Listening Room Durban Store

The Listening Room South Africa has branches in Durban and Cape Town.

Our unique high end audio and hi-fi equipment stores grew purely from our love of music.

Our goal is to give music lovers and audiophiles the opportunity to hear some of the world’s best audio sound without having to first purchase it.