The underlying goal of all EgglestonWorks loudspeakers is to strike a powerful, emotional chord naturally present in live music performance. We like to say that this goal consists of accomplishing the two most important aspects of speaker design: accuracy and musicality.

At the core of our innovations is a process which focuses on understanding how sound created by live musical instrumentation can be used as a tool in the critical stages of loudspeaker design.

In addition to our unique approach to design, EgglestonWorks is an establishment committed to old-world craftsmanship and time-tested quality.


The Egglestonworks
Andra Viginti Ltd Edition

Viginti–Latin for “Twenty”– is the culmination of  EgglestonWorks’ 20 years of audio excellence and defines the State-of-the-Art in speaker design. Featuring a bass enclosure incorporating dual 10” carbon woofers and a unique slot porting system, there is no lack of authoritative, effortless and pitch-perfect bass. Our proven 6” carbon-dome midrange drivers endow Viginti with the unsurpassed mid-range clarity for which Andra is renowned. A cutting-edge Beryillium tweeter delivers extended and detailed trebles with the fatigue-free musicality which is the hallmark of EgglestonWorks designs.

Several years of careful development ensure that The Andra Viginti Limited Edition honors its past and defines the future. Spending a little time with Viginti will illustrate why this remarkable product advances the Andra legacy.

Floorstanding Speakers

In a world crowded with claims of “breakthroughs,” EgglestonWorks simply chooses to offer a product that cannot be done better.

Our products are substantially built, combining the latest advances in technology with handpicked allotments of wood, aluminum and other proprietary materials.

Compact Speakers