For thirty five years, Eminent Technology has created innovative audio products introducing the world’s first full-range push-pull planar magnetic speaker, flat panel computer multimedia speaker, and captured air bearing tonearm.

Our radical new rotary woofer technology for audio and commerical applications made the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records. Over ONE MILLION VIEWS on YouTube Watch here: Rotary Woofer in action

Eminent Technology recently participated in two science projects for the BBC show Beyond Human using our rotary woofer. The first project took place in Nelspruit South Africa where we exposed elephants to the infrasound component of a rainstorm at an equivalnet distance of 25Km and the elephants immediately detected the sound. The second project took place in Orlando where we exposed alligators to 19Hz with underwater and airborne sounds independently. Each time we introduced the airborne infrasound the alligators responded by bellowing.



Want to hear what 5Hz sounds like? A new woofer technology unlike any other and a new product category for home audio. This is the first home audio woofer delivering true response to DC. The Thigpen Rotary Woofer is the worlds first true infrasonic home audio or home theater woofer. Conventional subwoofers roll off rapidly below 20Hz. With no cone the rotary woofer achieves high efficiency at very low frequencies. Most subwoofers have a difficult time producing acoustic output below 20Hz at audible levels. They generally require large amounts of equalization, distortion rises rapidly, and even the most expensive available cannot produce significant output below 10Hz.



Eminent Technology continues to support the ET-2 and ET-2.5 supplying parts, service, and updated components. The heavy version of the Magnesium Arm Wand is available again along with a new carbon fiber arm wand. These two wands can optimize your ET tonearm for a wide range of cartridges.