The company was founded by James Edward Sugden in 1967, a  division of Research Electronics. Research Electronics manufactured scientific instruments and test equipment, designed by James Sugden, for Universities. The A21 was the first amplifier to be put into production and was originally branded for a well known local loudspeaker company called Richard Allan.


Grande Pure Class ‘A’ Monaural Power Amplifiers

The Sugden Grande Amplifier is a Mono Block Amplifier operating in Pure Class ‘A’ mode (there are two Grande amplifiers for stereo reproduction).


The Grande is the most powerful pure class A amplifier in the Sugden range and has involved intense development over a period of years.

Many thousands of hours have been spent on circuit layouts, component selection, overall physical relationships of the circuitry and its main case.  From the balanced or asymmetric input through the controlled gain stages to the floating bridged output and final tuning, absolutely no compromises have been made in achieving an exceptional amplifier with remarkable musical performance.

Masterclass Series

The award winning Masterclass series has been in continuous production for over seventeen years.

During this time the family has grown and benefited from significant improvements and upgrades. Recent arrivals include an entry level power amplifier, digital converter and headphone pre-amplifier. Like all Sugden products each Masterclass is handmade at our factory in Yorkshire, England by a single highly skilled technician with many years experience.

Sapphire Series

Purist amplification for the connoisseur.

The Sapphire series is the most satisfying and musical pre and power combination available from Sugden. This achievement follows a two year period of developing unique circuit designs and concepts. We have redesigned the building blocks of pure class A and through modern high quality components discovered its full potential. The same philosophy has been employed in our Sapphire DAP-800 pre-amplifier, resulting in the exciting development of the Sugden VCV circuit.

A21 Signature Series

A combination of superb sound and solid engineering has made the A21 a reference amplifier for fifty years.

The secret of its continued success is a pure class A single ended design that has evolved and been carefully upgraded. A special signature model is now available for both the A21 and A21SE versions offering even better sound and performance

LS21 Loudspeaker

The LS21 is a tuned quarter wave design and uses a treble and mid/base driver ported through the plinth.

The cabinet is compact but not compromised, being domestically acceptable at less than 1m tall and less than 23cm wide. The cabinets are manufactured in-house by our highly skilled cabinet maker. This includes all aspects of construction from machining to veneering. Our recently installed joinery workshop runs harmoniously alongside our existing custom engineering shop.