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Michael Blake started The Listening Room purely out of passion for exquisite music and audio. He established the head quarters in his home town Durban Kwazulu Natal in 1994 and the Cape Town branch opened it's doors in recent years. These unique high end audio and hi-fi equipment stores have grown into true sound havens for local audiophiles! Our team's goal is to give music lovers and audiophiles the opportunity to hear some of the world's best audio sound without having to first purchase it. 


Each branch has a dedicated, acoustically optimized, listening room with luxury seating ~ bring your own music, or choose from our library.
The equipment we import is not mass produced. All of it is meticulously designed and hand built by leaders in their respective fields. These music enthusiasts possess the relevant engineering qualifications to produce audio products that are unique in their sound, quality and longevity.



Mike and Marvin in DURBAN


Mike and Kantha in DURBAN


Mike and Rodney in CAPE TOWN


Mike and lorraine in DURBAN


Mike and Craig in CAPE TOWN

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