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A UK label recording Direct-to-Disc.

By The Listening Room South Africa 

Mike Valentine, the owner of the UK audiophile label Chasing the Dragon, has filmed underwater sequences for over 90 films, including five James Bond movies.

In an interview with The Absolute Sound magazine he says:
“I had made friends with a chamber orchestra, Interpreti Veneziani, in Venice whilst on holiday there with my wife, Francoise, I was so impressed with their performance that at the end of the concert I asked them if I could come and record them.”
The first release was a test recording that was released on CD and then vinyl.

“For my next release I decided to ask Interpreti Veneziani to come to London and record Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,” Valentine said. “Just before they came over, I was playing the Thelma Houston direct cut album I’ve Got the Music in Me, when it hit me, why not create a direct cut recording?”

That was the beginning of this ear boggling audio adventure with Mike Valentine.

Below:  Mike Valentine adjusting equipment at an Interpreti Veneziani recording

(Image: Dave Denyer from The Reel-to-Reel Rambler)


Below: On recording with Beethoven Piano Sonatas Pianist, John Lenehan, Mike says: "John recently created two amazing performances of the Pathetique and Moonlight sonatas.

On this direct cut recording John had to play live, both sides of the LP, with no editing whatsoever." 

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