Mission 770 Freedom with stands. A classic from the 1970s. Very dynamic loudspeakers. All drivers original and slight cabinet damage on top surface of one loudspeaker.
R8 000.00     

Mission 780 Argonaut. Very good condition.
R9 000.00
Yamaha NS1000M in rare piano black finish with stands. Recently professionally resprayed.
R16 000.00


Goldring Legacy 0.2mv output moving coil cartridge. Unused.
R9 000.00  
Perreaux Audiant 80i with phonostage and DAC.
R19 000.00
Stax 5100 with 353x driver and L500 headphone. New. Old stock clearance to make way for the L500 MkII range.
R20 000.00 

Harbeth P3ESR in Ebony. Demo and making way for new XD version.
R25 000.00
Atlas Mavros 3m loudspeaker cable (biwire) 
R15 000.00

Atlas Mavros 2m balanced interconnect.
R15 000.00

PS Audio BHK preamplifier
R70 000.00 - [SOLD]

PS Audio BHK 250 power amplifier. (Demo).
R80 000.00  

dCS Elgar/Verona/Verdi in original condition with very few hours.
R70 000.00     

Kef 105. Working well but with usual age wear.
R20 000.00

Vandersteen 7 MkI. Demo. Original condition. Midnight blue. 
R600 000.00

Cary DMS-500 streamer. Used but low hours. Excellent condition.
R50 000.00
Cary SA-500.1 monoblock amplifiers. 500 watts per channel (demo)
R90 000.00 per pair.

Cary SA-200.2 power amplifier. 200 watts per channel. Used and in excellent condition.
R30 000.00

Cary 200-ts DAC. (Demo)
R40 000.00
Dahlquist DQ10. Original condition with original boxes. Superb sound. Collector value for good reason.
R20 000.00

Egglestonworks Emma SE. Old stock demo in original condition. Making way for the EmmaEVO.
R35 000.00
Sota Millennia turntable. This is a state of the art turntable with vacuum platter.
R90 000.00

Sota Comet with S300 tonearm in gloss black.
R10 000.00
Sota Moonbeam. New and making way for latest edition.

Used Sota Cosmos turntable in beautiful Macassar Ebony finish. Vacuum platter. Excludes tonearm.
R50 000.00
Apogee Centaur Minor.
R15 000.00

Helius Alexia turntable with Helius Omega tonearm. Unique suspension. Demo unit. Incredible sound.
R50 000.00

Bose 901 VI in rare gloss black. Professionally resprayed.
R15 000.00

Emerald Physic EP2.7 with active crossover.
R25 000.00 

EgglestonWorks Andra III (used)
R165 000.00 

Sugden masterclass LA-4 preamplifier and FPA-4 power amplifier. Pure class A. 

There is a demo at 
R95 000.00 
and used at 
R70 000.00 

Sugden A21a series 2 with phonostage. 
There is a used one at R25000.00 
and a new one at R35000.00. 
These are making way for the Signature series.

Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT)  VK P-10 with Superpak upgrade.

R30 000.00  - [SOLD]