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Mahler's Symphony No. 5: A Legendary Recording Reborn


Deutsche Grammophon celebrates its 125th anniversary with a new twist on a classic: Herbert von Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker's iconic recording of Mahler's Symphony No. 5. This legendary performance is reborn in the The Original Source series, featuring remastered recordings boasting the highest fidelity audio experience.


Unveiling Hidden Depths

The renowned Emil Berliner Studios meticulously remastered the original four-track tapes using state-of-the-art, all-analog techniques (AAA). This meticulous process unlocks a new level of detail and clarity, revealing previously hidden aspects of Karajan's masterful interpretation.


Experience the Difference

The remastering brings significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Clarity: Crisp, distortion-free audio lets you appreciate the full richness of Mahler's orchestration.
  • Unveiled Details: Subtle nuances and sonic details emerge, adding a new layer of expression to the performance.
  • Accurate Frequency Response: Every instrument and voice is reproduced with its natural timbre, thanks to faithful reproduction of the entire frequency spectrum.


Deluxe Presentation

The Original Source edition is a collector's dream. This 180g vinyl release comes in a luxurious gatefold sleeve featuring the original artwork and liner notes. Additional photos, facsimiles of recording documentation, and a technical essay by Rainer Maillard round out the package.


A Must-Have for Audiophiles and Mahler Devotees

This remastered edition of Mahler's Symphony No. 5 is a must-have for any audiophile or Mahler enthusiast. It's a chance to experience this timeless masterpiece in a whole new light, with unparalleled audio quality and a deluxe presentation.

Herbert von Karajan & Die Berliner Philharmoniker Mahler: Sinfonie Nr. 5

R2 200,00Price

Sides & Tracklist

  • LP 1
    • Side A: Mahler - Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor, I. Trauermarsch (In gemessenem Schritt. Streng. Wie ein Kondukt – plötzlich schneller. Leidenschaftlich. Wild – Tempo I)
    • Side B: Mahler - Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor, II. Stürmisch bewegt. Mit größter Vehemenz – Bedeutend langsamer – Tempo I subito
  • LP 2
    • Side A: Mahler - Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor, III. Scherzo (Kräftig, nicht zu schnell)
    • Side B:
      • Mahler - Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor, IV. Adagietto. Sehr langsam
      • Mahler - Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor, V. Rondo-Finale (Allegro)
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