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Moerch Arm Tubes: Optimizing Performance for Every Cartridge

Unlock the full potential of your Moerch tonearm and your favorite cartridges with the perfect arm tube. Moerch offers a variety of arm tubes, each meticulously crafted and designed to optimize performance for cartridges of different masses.


Why Choose Moerch Arm Tubes?

Precision Matching: Each arm tube boasts the same exceptional build quality and minimalist design as Moerch tonearms. They seamlessly integrate with your Moerch tonearm, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.


Material Matters: Crafted from high-quality materials, Moerch arm tubes minimize resonance and provide a stable platform for your cartridge, contributing to a clear and accurate listening experience.


Mass Matters: Choosing the right arm tube for your cartridge's effective mass is crucial for proper tracking and resonance control. Moerch offers a range of arm tubes to ensure a perfect match for a wide variety of cartridges.


Moerch Arm Tube Options:

Moerch arm tubes come in different effective mass ratings, typically denoted by color dots:

  • Green Dot: This lightweight arm tube (around 4g) is ideal for low-compliance, high-mass cartridges that require minimal tracking force.
  • Red Dot: The mid-weight option (around 6g) provides excellent performance with a wider range of cartridges, offering a balanced approach for many popular choices.
  • Blue Dot: The heavyweight option (around 14g) is best suited for very high-compliance cartridges that require significant tracking force for optimal performance.


Finding the Perfect Match:

Moerch recommends consulting their cartridge/arm tube combination list or contacting a qualified audiophile retailer to determine the ideal arm tube for your specific cartridge and Moerch tonearm model.

Moerch Arm Tubes

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