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Moerch DP6 Tonearm: Precision Engineering for Unrivaled Sound

Elevate your vinyl listening experience with the Moerch DP6 tonearm, a masterpiece of Danish engineering. Known for its exceptional build quality and innovative design, the DP6 delivers unparalleled accuracy and musicality.


Key Features:

Superior Tracking: Experience flawless tracking with the DP6's unique bearing system. It utilizes a silicone-damped, high-precision ball-bearing assembly for horizontal movement and two sapphire bearings for vertical movement. This combination minimizes resonance and ensures the stylus perfectly follows the record grooves, extracting every detail of your music.


Customizable Damping: Fine-tune the sound to your personal preference with the DP6's adjustable vertical damping feature. Injecting silicone fluid into a designated well allows you to tailor the level of damping, optimizing playback for different cartridges and vinyl conditions.

Premium Materials: The DP6 is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials for exceptional performance and durability. The tonearm tube is available in various options to match your cartridge and aesthetic preferences. Gold or chrome finishes for the arm base add a touch of elegance to any turntable setup.


Improved Soundstage: Hear your music come alive with the DP6's precise tracking and minimized resonance. This results in a wider, more defined soundstage, allowing you to pinpoint the location of instruments and vocals within the recording.

The Moerch DP6 is an exceptional choice for discerning audiophiles seeking to unlock the full potential of their vinyl collection. Experience the difference that precision engineering and meticulous design can make in your listening experience.


Additional Information:

  • Silicone-damped, high-precision ball-bearing assembly for horizontal movement
  • Two sapphire bearings for vertical movement (vertically damped if desired)
  • Adjustable vertical damping
  • Available in various arm tube options
  • Gold or chrome finishes for the arm base
  • Designed for optimal performance with a wide range of cartridges

Order your Moerch DP6 tonearm today and rediscover the magic of vinyl!

Moerch DP6 Tonearm

R10 000,00Price


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