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Experience Paul Simon's introspective masterpiece with breathtaking audio fidelity. Mobile Fidelity's UltraDisc One-Step elevates Still Crazy After All These Years to a whole new level.


A Deep Dive into Midlife Musings:

  • This 1975 album explores themes of relationships, transitions, and disillusionment with Simon's signature wit and insightful lyricism.
  • From the brooding vocals to the contagious hooks, Still Crazy After All These Years offers a compelling reflection on midlife.


Unveiling the Nuances:

  • Mobile Fidelity's meticulous mastering process reveals every detail of the original recording.
  • Immerse yourself in the clear, transparent soundstage, capturing the full depth of Simon's music and the artistry of the musicians.


A Collector's Edition Befitting a Classic:

  • Limited to only 8,000 numbered copies, this exquisite package features deluxe box art and faithful reproductions of the original graphics.
  • This reissue is a must-have for any Paul Simon fan or audiophile seeking a truly immersive listening experience.


Beyond the Hits:

  • The album's iconic tracks like "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" and the title song are presented with stunning clarity.
  • But this reissue also delves deeper into lesser-known gems like "Have a Good Time" and "You're Kind," showcasing the album's full range and emotional complexity.


Still Crazy After All These Years remains a timeless classic. Mobile Fidelity's UltraDisc One-Step allows you to appreciate this masterpiece in a whole new light.

Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years(Lmt Ed UltraDisc One-Step 45RPM)

R3 500,00Price

Track List

  • Still Crazy After All These Years
  • My Little Town
  • I Do It for Your Love
  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • Night Game
  • Gone at Last
  • Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy
  • Have a Good Time
  • You're Kind
  • Silent Eyes
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