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Introducing the SME Model 30/12 Turntable MK2, the epitome of analog excellence, meticulously crafted to elevate your vinyl listening experience to new heights.


Uncompromising Excellence:


With over 75 years of expertise, SME presents the Model 30/12 MK2, a reference-grade marvel blending unmatched mass and damping for optimal vibration control and a sophisticated suspension system for pristine sonic reproduction.


Flexible Tonearm Compatibility:


Tailor your system with a range of high-performance tonearms, including the renowned SME Series V-12 tonearm, Series M2, and Series VA, to match your cartridge and preferences.


Unwavering Sonic Performance:


Powered by a high-torque synchronous AC motor, the Model 30/12 MK2 ensures exceptional speed stability for accurate pitch reproduction. Its meticulous design faithfully preserves every subtle detail of your vinyl recordings.


Timeless Design and Quality:


With sleek aesthetics and enduring build quality, the Model 30/12 MK2 complements any environment, promising a lifetime of listening pleasure with its robust construction and premium materials.


Legacy of Sonic Excellence:


The SME Model 30/12 MK2 turntable is a masterpiece, representing SME's dedication to innovation and the ultimate audiophile experience. Whether with the standard SME Series V-12 tonearm or other compatible options, it provides versatility and unrivaled sonic purity for discerning listeners.

SME 30/12 Turntable MK2

R1 194 900,00Price
  • Plinth Material:
    CNC-machined, premium grade aluminum billet with acoustic damping treatment

  • Suspension System:
    Four-point, high-quality elastomeric isolators

  • Tonearm (Standard):
    User-selectable (SME Series V-12 standard)

  • Tonearm Tube Material (Standard - Series V-12):
    Carbon fiber and titanium nitride (varies by chosen tonearm)

  • Effective Mass (approximate - Series V-12):
    9g (varies by chosen tonearm)

  • Internal Wiring (Standard - Series V-12):
    Crystal Cable (varies by chosen tonearm)

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