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Experience the pinnacle of analog performance with the SME Model 20/3 turntable.


A fusion of British engineering and audiophile obsession, it transcends vinyl playback boundaries, delivering faithful reproduction of your treasured collection.


Legacy of Innovation:


For over 75 years, SME has pushed turntable design boundaries. The Model 20/3 embodies this legacy, offering reference-grade marvel with exceptional performance and unmatched accuracy.


Uncompromising Engineering:


Crafted with precision, its high-density plinth with damping minimizes vibrations for optimal sound. The suspended sub-chassis isolates the platter and tonearm, maintaining sonic purity.


Precision Design:


The Series V tonearm, with low mass and advanced materials, ensures accurate cartridge tracking. Technical specs include aluminum billet chassis, high-precision springs, and a polymer resin tonearm tube.


Unwavering Performance:


DSP-controlled AC motor ensures speed stability, while low wow and flutter preserve sonic fidelity. Every detail of your vinyl recordings is faithfully reproduced.


Timeless Quality:


With striking aesthetics and enduring build quality, the Model 20/3 is built to last generations. Versatile cartridge compatibility allows for precise adjustments, tailored to your preferences and budget.




The SME Model 20/3 turntable sets a benchmark for audiophile-grade vinyl playback, delivering unparalleled performance and enduring quality.

SME Model 20 Turntable MK2

R744 500,00Price
  • Chassis Material:
    Precision-machined, high-grade aluminum billet with extensional damping

  • Suspension System:
    High-precision springs and decoupling mechanisms

  • Tonearm:
    Series V Tonearm

  • Effective Mass:
    10g - 11g (approximate)

  • Tonearm Tube Material:
    High-density, high-rigidity polymer resin

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