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Introducing the Stax SR-L300 Electrostatic Headphones—unveiling the nuance of music with exceptional detail and unmatched sonic accuracy, making electrostatic sound accessible to all.


Electrostatic Advantage, Accessible Entry Point:

  • Stax Heritage: Designed as an inviting introduction to Stax's renowned technology, the SR-L300 utilizes a lightweight film diaphragm suspended between charged metal plates, eliminating distortion and delivering unmatched accuracy across the frequency range.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Immerse yourself in a world of sonic precision as the SR-L300 unveils hidden layers and subtle nuances within your music, offering exceptional detail retrieval and clarity for vocals and instruments.


Designed for Comfort and Everyday Listening:

  • Lightweight Construction: Extended listening sessions are comfortable with the SR-L300's lightweight design, minimizing listener fatigue, while the adjustable headband ensures a personalized fit.
  • Open-Back Design: Featuring an open-back design, the SR-L300 creates a spacious and airy soundstage, allowing the music to breathe and delivering a natural listening experience.


Simple Setup, Extraordinary Sound:

  • User-Friendly Design: Pair the SR-L300 with a dedicated electrostatic headphone amplifier to unlock their full potential and experience the magic of Stax sound.
  • Detachable Cable: Incorporating a detachable cable for added convenience and future upgradeability, the SR-L300 allows for easy replacement and exploration of different cable options.


The Stax SR-L300 is more than just an entry-level headphone; it's an invitation to a new way of experiencing music. Take your first step into the world of Stax electrostatic technology and rediscover the depth and detail within your favorite recordings.

Embrace superior sound and affordability with the Stax SR-L300.

STAX SR-L300 Electrostatic Headphones

PriceFrom R13 400,00
  • Electrostatic design with lightweight film diaphragm
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 32 kHz

  • Open-back design for a spacious soundstage

  • Impedance: 145 kΩ (requires a dedicated electrostatic headphone amplifier)

  • Detachable cable for convenience and upgradeability

  • Weight: 448g (lightweight for extended listening comfort)

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