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Experience the sonic brilliance of Steely Dan's gold-selling masterpiece, Countdown to Ecstasy, remastered for the ultimate audiophile experience.


Limited Edition UHQR Reissue:

  • Only 20,000 numbered copies pressed on premium 200-gram Clarity Vinyl® for unmatched clarity.
  • Stunning gold-foil jackets housed in a luxurious slipcase with a wooden dowel spine for a collector's dream.


Mastered for Audiophile Delight:

  • Mastered directly from the original master tapes by the legendary Bernie Grundman, ensuring unparalleled sonic fidelity.
  • 45 RPM pressing allows for wider grooves and a wider dynamic range, resulting in a richer and more nuanced presentation of Steely Dan's intricate arrangements.


A Legacy of Musical Innovation:

  • Countdown to Ecstasy showcases Steely Dan's signature sound - a blend of catchy rock hooks, intricate jazz-influenced arrangements, and witty lyricism.
  • Standout tracks like "My Old School" and "Show Biz Kids" demonstrate the band's exceptional musicianship and songwriting prowess.


Critical Acclaim:

  • "Music = 10/11; Sound = 10/11... truly worthy of a 10/10 rating in terms of both Music and Sound" - Mike Mettler,
  • "While some UHQRs are revelatory, this one compared to the original and Japanese is merely better overall, but it's sure to buy a thrill for Dan hard core devotees who will now own the definitive edition." - Michael Fremer,


Unveiling the Masterpiece:

  • Explore the album's creation with details on session musicians, recording techniques, and the iconic cover art controversy.
  • Dive deeper into the themes and inspiration behind standout tracks like "Bodhisattva," "King of the World," and "Pearl of the Quarter."


Beyond a record, this UHQR reissue of Countdown to Ecstasy is a gateway to a bygone era of musical excellence. Rediscover the timeless brilliance of Steely Dan and experience their masterpiece in its most pristine sonic form.

Steely Dan - Countdown To Ecstasy (45 RPM 200 Gram Clarity Vinyl)

R4 000,00Price
Expected to ship within 30 days from order

Track Listing:

Side A

  • Bodhisattva
  • Razor Boy

Side B

  • The Boston Rag
  • Your Gold Teeth

Side C

  • Show Biz Kids
  • My Old School

Side D

  • Pearl of the Quarter
  • King of the World
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