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Preserve the sonic brilliance of your vinyl collection with the Milty Carbon Fibre Record Brush. This essential record care tool tackles dust before each playback, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted listening experience.


Here's why the Milty Carbon Fibre Brush is your vinyl's best friend:

  • Effortless Dust Removal: Thousands of carbon fibres work their magic, gently sweeping away dust particles from deep within the grooves. Minimize pops and crackles for an enjoyable listening experience every time.
  • Anti-Static Advantage: These conductive fibres do double duty. They not only remove dust but also neutralize static electricity on contact. This reduces future dust attraction, keeping your records cleaner for longer.
  • Safe and Gentle: Relax, the soft carbon fibres won't harm your vinyl. This dry cleaning method is ideal for regular record maintenance before each play.
  • Simple and Effective: Using the Milty Carbon Fibre Brush is a breeze. Gently sweep the brush across the record surface in a circular motion and experience the immediate improvement in sound quality.
  • Convenient Design: The brush's lightweight and portable build make it a perfect addition to your record care kit. Maintain pristine sound wherever you enjoy your vinyl.


Invest in Consistent Clarity: Order Your Milty Carbon Fibre Record Brush Today The Milty Carbon Fibre Brush elevates your vinyl ritual. This simple yet powerful tool ensures your records deliver the pure, unadulterated sound they were meant to. Order yours today and rediscover the magic of vinyl!

Milty Carbon Fibre Record Brush



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