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SME M6DEL - The Leading Integrated Precision Turntable


The Model 6 is a class leading integrated turntable delivering a unique sonic performance. Audio engineering excellence is achieved with technologically advanced new materials whilst maintaining the definitive craftsmanship that SME is famous for.


Primary features include a CNC machined chassis made from a unique polymer high density resin material providing high mass, small footprint and superb resonance absorption. Main bearing, spindle and drive pulleys are precision made to the same exact standards as all SME high-end turntables. A new generation highly sophisticated electronic speed control unit provides fine pitch speed adjustment within a wide band range.


The Model 6 is equipped with an improved version of the highly acclaimed SME M2-9 tonearm which is internally dampened with a unique single element balance system catering for cartridges weighing 5 to 12 grams and suitably designed for both MM and MC cartridges. The headshell is magnesium alloy for lightness and its ingenious design provides rigidity and allows azimuth correction.


The Model 6 Classic is complimented with the M2-9R tonearm with extensive features including thumbwheel vertical tracking adjustment, tungsten balance weights, double draw-pin detachable headshell with azimuth adjustment. The tungsten alloy balance weight allows for a maximum centre of gravity shift to balance a greater range of cartridges up to 38 grams and with a direct plug-in head up to 46 grams.


Design and engineering excellence built by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts

SME Model 6 Turntable MK2

PriceFrom R177 600,00
  • High Mass Chassis Construction
  • High Density Unique Polymer Resin Chassis
  • Stainless Steel Armtube with Magnesium Headshell
  • SME M2/M2-9R Series Tonearm
  • Crystal Cable Internal Wiring Optional
  • Highly Advanced Drive System
  • Self Leveling Feet
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