SOTA Sales and Service Center, founded by Kirk and Donna Bodinet, has been manufacturing the whole line of SOTA turntables, as well as providing parts, repairs, upgrades, modifications and LP accessories like our LP Cleaner since 1997.

For almost twenty years we have been an integral part in the design and manufacturing of SOTA products. We began as part owners and later became part of the engineering and design team (with David Fletcher, Jack Shafton and John Gilmore) during the development of the SOTA COMET, MOONBEAM, MILLENNIA and SOTA Record Cleaning Machine products. Since its inception, physicist David Fletcher remains involved as our electronic parts designer and analog playback physics consultant

The SOTA products available today continue the tradition of exceptional analog playback performance they established over thirty years ago. And, we have seen a very strong, enthusiastic response from the industry in keeping these exceptional products in the specialty audio market. Whether you have supported SOTA in the past or not, we are certain your support and confidence in the SOTA product line will be and continue to be justified. These ultra-high quality products are sure to please any audio enthusiast, as they continue to set the standard for affordable analog playback equipment in the 21st century!


The Sota Millennia™
Vacuum Turntable

The all-new open-chassis MILLENNIA Vacuum Turntable System is SOTA’s latest assault on the State-Of-The-Art in LP playback equipment. Like the critically acclaimed SOTA COSMOS, the MILLENNIA utilizes an ultra-rigid, unified sub-assembly utilizing a critically damped one piece sub-chassis, milled from a one inch thick solid aluminum plate.


SOTA offers nine new and four refurbished turntable models.

Turntables available range from the top of the line Millennia and Cosmos, to the outstanding value of our entry level, Comet and Moonbeam models.

LP Cleaning