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MY SONIC LAB (aka a lesson in physics….)

By The Listening Room South Africa 

The Listening Room now stocks the My Sonic Lab range of cartridges. Here is a bit of background to these exceptional products.

The My in the company name My Sonic Lab refers to the initials of its Japanese designer: Mr. Yoshio Matsudaira. (Japanese honorifics are similar to English, with titles like "Mister" and "Miss", but in Japanese, which has many honorifics, their use is mandatory in many formal and informal social situations.)

Mr. Yoshio Matsudaira founded My Sonic Lab in 2003 after an illustrious career spanning over forty years designing cartridges, phono stages and tonearms for the likes of Koetsu. At My Sonic Lab he designed and introduced the EMINENT, a high-output, low-impedance MC cartridge and the matching MC transformer Stage 202. So achieving his design goal of producing a moving coil cartridge with very low internal impedance. He believes this design fully realizes the energy producing potential of an MC cartridge.

BELOW:  The Hyper Eminent EX - Made from super hard A7075 aluminum with strengthening measures achieved with an ion surface hardening treatment. This treatment creates a sandwiching effect and eliminates the inherent resonances of a single material. The result is a 10x harder surface than the body of Eminent EX.


Mr. Matsudaira uses an ultra high-μ material that he has named SH-μX. This special core material has higher permeability and flux density than the typical iron core material used in MC cartridges. It allows My Sonic Lab to use fewer coil windings than other moving coil cartridges, minimizing music robbing distortions and maximizing signal output. 
With the reduction in the amount of coil wire comes greater low-level resolution. 
In other words, expect tremendous natural detail and clarity and to hear new layers of information in your favorite records.


My Sonic Lab cartridges are now exclusively available from us in South Africa. See the range.

What is μ?

•    First and foremost, "µ" is the lowercase version of the 12th letter in the Greek alphabet. 

•    "µ" is also the symbol for one millionth. A millionth of a meter used to be called "micron" in the past while today, the expression "micrometer" is more common and the usual notation is "µm".  

μ is magnetic permeability and it determines the magnetic field generated inside material produced by electric current flow in a coil of wire.

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