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Spread Spectrum Technologies

Spread Spectrum Technologies (SST), an American high-end audio manufacturer, boasts a rich history built on the innovative spirit of its founder, James Bongiorno. Bongiorno, a legendary figure with designs for Marantz, Dynaco, SAE, and GAS under his belt, established SST in 1989, laying the groundwork for a company known for its unique amplifiers and audio components.

SST's initial focus was harnessing the power of spread spectrum technology, originally used for military communications to evade detection. Bongiorno's vision was to utilize this technology in audio amplifiers to minimize noise and elevate sound quality. This innovative approach materialized in the Ampzilla 2000, SST's first product and a high-powered amplifier that quickly gained recognition for its exceptional performance and design.

The Ampzilla series, a revival of Bongiorno's acclaimed GAS design from the 1970s, became SST's flagship line. The Ampzilla 2000 and its successors garnered praise for their clarity, power, and reliability, solidifying SST's reputation for superior audio engineering. SST also expanded its offerings with models like the Son of Ampzilla, delivering similar performance in a more compact and budget-friendly package.

Throughout the 2000s, SST continued to refine and innovate. They incorporated advanced technologies and high-quality components to ensure their amplifiers, preamplifiers, and other components remained at the forefront of audio excellence. Both audiophiles and reviewers lauded SST products for their exceptional build quality and sonic brilliance.

While James Bongiorno's passing in 2013 marked a significant moment, his influence and designs continue to inspire the audio world. SST has maintained its focus on upholding the high standards set by its founder, ensuring his legacy lives on for audio enthusiasts who value the distinctive qualities of SST products.

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