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Established in 1981 by Hans Henrik Mørch in Denmark, Mørch has emerged as a premier specialist in high-end tonearms tailored for turntables.


Renowned for their precision engineering and utilization of top-tier materials, the company excels in crafting tonearms engineered to extract maximum detail from vinyl records.

Setting them apart is Mørch's signature low-mass design and exceptional tracking ability, which significantly contribute to a more precise and detailed vinyl listening experience, resonating with audiophiles worldwide.

Mørch's sole focus lies in the production of high-end tonearms for turntables, reflecting their unwavering dedication to perfecting this integral component of the analog audio journey.

Embraced by audiophiles and praised by critics, Mørch tonearms consistently receive positive acclaim in esteemed publications such as The Absolute Sound and Positive Feedback, reaffirming their stature as a leader in the realm of high-end audio equipment.

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