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Manley Laboratories

Established around 1989 by David Manley, a South African audio enthusiast, Manley Laboratories has cemented its position as a premier manufacturer specializing in high-quality vacuum tube audio equipment.


With a foundation rooted in a commitment to classic tube designs, the company distinguishes itself by utilizing premium components to create audio components that resonate with musicality and emotional engagement.

What sets Manley Laboratories apart is their unwavering dedication to musicality and emotional connectivity in their designs. Renowned for their warm, detailed sound signature, Manley products possess the unique ability to breathe life into music, captivating listeners with their immersive sonic experiences.

Specializing in vacuum tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stages, and studio recording equipment, Manley Laboratories offers a diverse range of products tailored to meet the needs of audiophiles and recording professionals alike.

Manley Laboratories components consistently receive praise for their exceptional sound quality and build craftsmanship, earning acclaim from notable publications such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, reaffirming their reputation as a leader in the realm of vacuum tube audio equipment.

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