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Grado Labs

Established in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, Grado Labs stands as a venerable family-owned company specializing in high-quality headphones and cartridges.


With a legacy spanning nearly seven decades, they hold the distinction of being one of the oldest surviving and most respected cartridge and headphone manufacturers globally, renowned for being at the forefront of innovation within the sector.

Grado headphones and cartridges are celebrated for their signature sound and design, setting them apart in the audio industry. Utilizing high-quality materials and manufacturing methods, Grado delivers a listening experience characterized by intricate detail and engaging dynamics.

Grado Labs offers a range of products designed to elevate the listening experience to new heights at all price points ranging from top-tier to entry-level.

Consistently praised by reviewers for their exceptional sound quality and comfort, Grado headphones have garnered positive acclaim from reputable publications such as Head-Fi and Inner Fidelity, cementing their status as a leader in the realm of high-end audio.

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