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Michell Engineering

Michell Engineering, a revered British manufacturer of high-end turntables, boasts a rich history dating back to the 1960s. Founded by John Michell, a talented engineer with film industry roots (think "2001: A Space Odyssey" special effects!), the company's journey began with precision audio components and parts for other manufacturers.

A significant early collaboration with Transcriptors, a notable turntable maker, helped establish Michell Engineering's reputation for quality and precision. This partnership culminated in John Michell's creation of parts for the iconic Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable.

In 1977, following the end of the collaboration, Michell unveiled the Michell Transcriptor turntable, a product that incorporated his innovative ideas and garnered acclaim for its design and performance. The 1980s witnessed the arrival of Michell's most celebrated creation, the GyroDec. This unique turntable, featuring a suspended chassis, high-mass platter, and distinctive brass weights, became an audiophile icon known for its exceptional sound and visual appeal.

Throughout the 1990s, Michell Engineering continued to refine its offerings, maintaining its commitment to high-quality engineering and audio excellence. John Michell's passing in 2003 didn't diminish his legacy. The company, now managed by his family and dedicated team, continues to uphold his high standards and innovative spirit.

The 2010s saw an evolution with updated versions of classic models like the GyroDec SE and the Orbe SE. These incorporated modern advancements while retaining the timeless design and performance that define Michell turntables.

Today, Michell Engineering remains a respected name, producing turntables celebrated for their precision, build quality, and outstanding sound reproduction. Michell's products, cherished by audiophiles worldwide, represent a blend of engineering excellence and aesthetic beauty.

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