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My Sonic Lab

My Sonic Lab (MSL), a distinguished Japanese company, specializes in high-end phono cartridges and related audio equipment. Founded by Yoshio Matsudaira, the company is renowned for its innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Yoshio Matsudaira, a veteran in the audio industry with over 40 years of experience in cartridge design, established MSL in 2004. Before founding MSL, Matsudaira played a key role in the development of acclaimed cartridges for renowned companies like Supex, Audio-Technica, and Koetsu.

Matsudaira's vision for MSL was to create the pinnacle of phono cartridges, pushing the boundaries of cartridge technology and delivering the most accurate and musical sound possible.

A critical aspect of MSL's success lies in their development of unique core materials. Their focus on high-efficiency magnetics led to the creation of the SH-μX (Super Hi-μ X) core, significantly enhancing cartridge performance and contributing to their exceptional sound quality.

MSL launched their first product, the Eminent cartridge, in 2006. The Eminent quickly gained recognition for its precise and natural sound, showcasing the innovative SH-μX core and MSL's commitment to quality. Following this success, MSL expanded their product line with various models catering to diverse audiophile preferences, including the Ultra Eminent, Hyper Eminent, and Signature Platinum cartridges, further solidifying their reputation for excellence.

Throughout the 2010s, MSL remained at the forefront of innovation, refining their designs and introducing new models with advanced materials and engineering. MSL cartridges consistently received praise from audiophile communities and reviewers worldwide for their outstanding performance and build quality.

Today, My Sonic Lab remains a leading name in the high-end audio market. They continue to produce some of the most highly regarded phono cartridges, known for meticulous craftsmanship, innovative technology, and exceptional sound reproduction.

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