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PS Audio

PS Audio, an American high-end audio manufacturer founded in 1973 by Paul McGowan and Stan Warren (hence the company name), has carved a prominent path in the audiophile world. Their initial focus was on standalone phono preamps, a novelty at the time, and their first product quickly gained recognition for its superior sound quality.

The 1980s saw PS Audio expand its offerings with amplifiers and other components like the PS Audio 4.6 preamplifier and the PS Audio Elite integrated amplifier. These well-received products solidified their reputation for high-fidelity equipment.

1997 marked a turning point for PS Audio when they refocused on innovation and quality, introducing groundbreaking products like the Power Plant series of AC power regenerators. These addressed power quality issues and improved audio system performance by providing clean, regenerated power.

PS Audio also embraced the digital revolution, releasing a series of acclaimed DACs, with the 2009 PerfectWave DAC being a particular standout for its advanced design and exceptional sound quality. The 2010s saw continued growth with new amplifiers, DACs, streamers, and power products. The DirectStream DAC, a groundbreaking product that converted all digital inputs to DSD for improved audio performance, marked a significant leap forward. Additionally, the Stellar series offered high-performance audio components at a more accessible price point.

Today, PS Audio remains a leader in the high-end audio market. They continue to develop innovative products and technologies, maintaining a strong presence in both analog and digital audio domains. Designed and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, their products uphold high standards of quality and performance.

PS Audio's legacy extends beyond its products. They've fostered a strong relationship with their customer base through Paul McGowan's active engagement in blogs, videos, and forums, providing insights and updates on the company and the audio industry. Their innovative spirit, dedication to high-quality sound, and commitment to customer relationships have cemented PS Audio's position as a major player in the ever-evolving world of audio.

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