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Established in 1974 in the United Kingdom, Exposure prides itself on its British heritage and its affordable product range.


Exposure swiftly garnered acclaim for its high-fidelity amplifiers. While expanding their product range over the years, the company remains steadfast in their dedication to delivering quality audio reproduction tailored for discerning listeners.

Exposure distinguishes itself through its commitment to a neutral and transparent sound signature, ensuring that the music is presented without coloration, allowing its inherent qualities to shine through. Renowned for their exemplary build quality and musicality, Exposure products consistently meet the expectations of audiophiles.

Specializing in integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, preamplifiers, DACs, CD players, Exposure offers a comprehensive selection of components to cater to diverse audio needs at an affordable price.

The excellence of Exposure components has garnered favorable reviews from esteemed publications such as What HiFi? and The Audiophile Society, further solidifying their reputation for superior audio performance.

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