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STAX, a revered Japanese manufacturer founded in 1938 by Naotake Hayashi, has carved a unique niche in the audio world. Initially specializing in microphones, STAX's journey took a pivotal turn in the 1950s with their exploration of electrostatic technology.

This groundbreaking research culminated in 1960 with the introduction of the SR-1, the world's first pair of electrostatic headphones. This innovation, offering unmatched sound clarity and detail, set the standard for high-fidelity headphones and established STAX as a leader in electrostatic audio.

Throughout the following decades, STAX continued to refine their technology and expand their offerings. Models like the SR-X and SR-Lambda series solidified their reputation among audiophiles, further bolstered by the introduction of dedicated headphone amplifiers, or "energizers," essential for driving their electrostatic designs.

The 1995 introduction of the SR-007 Omega marked a milestone. This flagship model, praised for its exceptional soundstage and detail, cemented STAX's position at the forefront of high-end audio. Despite a change in ownership in 2011, STAX's commitment to quality endured. The 2017 release of the SR-009, surpassing even the SR-007 Omega, showcased their continued dedication to innovation.

STAX remains a pioneer in electrostatic technology, a fact evident in their unique terminology. They refer to their headphones as "earspeakers," emphasizing their ability to deliver speaker-like sound quality in a headphone form factor. This commitment to superior audio performance extends to their meticulously handcrafted products and dedicated energizers, perfectly matched for optimal performance.

Renowned for their unmatched clarity, detail, and transparency, STAX earspeakers are a favorite among audiophiles. The brand's long history of innovation and dedication to electrostatic technology has earned them legendary status. Often considered the gold standard in high-end headphones, STAX products combine cutting-edge technology with a rich heritage of craftsmanship, with some models produced in limited quantities, further adding to their allure for collectors.

STAX's unwavering commitment to audio excellence ensures their position as a leader in the high-end audio market, a position built upon a foundation of pioneering spirit and dedication to the art of electrostatic sound reproduction.

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