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Milty has earned recognition as a premier manufacturer of record care products. Renowned for their innovative designs and high-quality cleaning tools, Milty is dedicated to assisting audiophiles in maintaining their cherished vinyl collections.

Their flagship Zerostat anti-static gun is widely favored for its efficacy in eliminating static from vinyl records. Additionally, Milty offers a diverse range of cleaning brushes and solutions designed to keep records free from dust and preserve their optimal sound quality.

Specializing in record care products, Milty offers a comprehensive lineup including anti-static guns, cleaning brushes, record sleeves, and cleaning solutions, catering to the needs of vinyl enthusiasts worldwide.

Milty record care products enjoy positive reception among audiophiles who value their effectiveness and user-friendly design. Reviews and testimonials can be readily found on various audiophile forums and websites, attesting to the widespread acclaim garnered by Milty in the realm of record care.

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