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Phasemation was founded 1999 under the name Phase Tech by a gentleman named Toshihiko Fukuda and has carved a niche for itself as a specialist in high-end moving coil phono cartridges.


Renowned for its innovative designs and utilization of exotic materials, the company is celebrated for crafting cartridges esteemed for their exceptional sound quality.

Phasemation cartridges stand out for their unique design elements and meticulous use of high-quality materials, resulting in a clear, detailed, and dynamic sound reproduction. A preferred choice among audiophiles seeking accurate vinyl playback, Phasemation cartridges embody the pinnacle of audio excellence.

Specializing exclusively in high-end moving coil phono cartridges, Phasemation remains dedicated to perfecting this essential component of the analog audio experience.

Consistently earning accolades from reviewers and audiophiles alike, Phasemation cartridges receive praise in esteemed publications such as The Absolute Sound and Positive Feedback, reaffirming their reputation as a leader in high-fidelity audio reproduction.

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