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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary blend of ancient craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology with the EX1000 phono cartridge. Crafted from 2,000-year-old Yakusugi cedar, revered for its tight grain and unparalleled natural resonance, the EX1000 offers a unique sonic experience that allows your music to breathe and flourish.


Featuring a ruby cantilever chosen for its exceptional hardness, the EX1000 ensures faithful reproduction of every detail with unmatched speed and precision. The addition of the Super Curve Line Contact Stylus Ver. 2 minimizes distortion and wear, preserving your vinyl collection for generations to come while delivering unparalleled clarity across the full spectrum of your music.


Adorned with a beeswax finish that enhances resonance and develops a personalized patina over time, the EX1000 is a limited edition masterpiece, offering discerning audiophiles a timeless connection to their vinyl collection's full potential.

Analog Relax EX1000 Cartridge

R264 100,00Price

A Legacy Etched in Wood:

The EX1000 boasts a body crafted from 2,000-year-old Yakusugi cedar. This incredibly rare wood, revered by Japanese artisans for millennia, possesses an exceptionally tight grain that resonates with unparalleled naturalness. Its slow growth, a mere 1-2mm per year, imbues the wood with a unique sonic signature, allowing your music to breathe and flourish.

The Ruby's Song:

A ruby cantilever, chosen for its exceptional hardness second only to diamond, graces the heart of the EX1000. This meticulously machined component transmits the delicate vibrations from your records with unmatched speed and precision, ensuring every detail is faithfully reproduced. Ruby, a close cousin of sapphire, imbues the cantilever with a touch of historical significance, echoing the precious stones used in early phonograph needles.

A Modern Masterpiece:

The EX1000 elevates this legacy further with the Super Curve Line Contact Stylus Ver. 2. This advanced design minimizes distortion and wear, ensuring your precious vinyl collection remains pristine for generations to come. Additionally, its exceptional tracking ability allows you to hear the full spectrum of your music - from the subtle nuances of live instruments to the captivating warmth of human voices - with unparalleled clarity.

A Timeless Finish:

The EX1000 is adorned with a beeswax finish, a natural choice that maximizes the body's resonance. This finish not only enhances the cartridge's sonic performance but also develops a unique patina over time, making your EX1000 a truly personalized audio heirloom.

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