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Introducing the EX2000 phono cartridge from Analog Relax, a groundbreaking innovation in vinyl playback.


Here's what makes it exceptional: Crafted from select spruce sourced from the renowned Stradivarius forest, the EX2000 resonates with unparalleled naturalness, enhanced by a proprietary ultra-fine powder coating for pure, uncolored sound reproduction.


Featuring a meticulously machined diamond cantilever for smooth groove transmission and a custom-developed SC Stylus Ver. 3 with innovative design to minimize distortion and unwanted noise pickup, the EX2000 delivers high-resolution sound with depth and substance.


Unlike cartridges prioritizing detail over enjoyment, the EX2000 achieves a balanced sound, faithfully reproducing the full spectrum of your vinyl collection for a captivating listening experience.

Analog Relax EX2000 Cartridge

R360 100,00Price

A Body Built for Natural Resonance:

  • Spruce from the Stradivarius Forest: The EX2000 boasts a meticulously selected spruce body, sourced from the same region that provided wood for legendary Stradivarius violins. This premium spruce, carefully dried and managed, resonates with exceptional naturalness.

  • Ultra-Fine Powder Coating: A proprietary, ultra-fine powder coats the body, creating a subtle surface texture that enhances the cartridge's ability to reproduce a pure, uncolored sound.

Precision Meets Power:

  • Diamond Cantilever: A meticulously machined diamond cantilever ensures smooth transmission of groove information, resulting in high-resolution sound. Its slightly thicker profile, compared to other diamond cantilevers, delivers a more robust and detailed sonic experience.

Custom-Developed SC Stylus Ver. 3: This advanced stylus, an evolution of the acclaimed "SC stylus" used in the EX1000, boasts a line-contact shape with multifaceted vertical cuts. This innovative design minimizes "inner distortion" while ensuring exceptional signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, the stylus tip is specifically crafted to reduce the pickup of unwanted crackle from older records.

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