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Immerse yourself in the exquisite fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship with the EX300 phono cartridge. Revolutionizing the industry with its "IF adhesive" technology, infused with microscopic diamond particles, the EX300 ensures a pure sound by eliminating micro-wobbling and enhancing sound information retrieval.


Crafted from carefully selected solid walnut, renowned for its warmth and richness, the EX300's body resonates harmoniously with the precision of the adhesive technology. Its versatile performance excels across various musical genres, particularly showcasing precision and a robust foundation in the mid-to-low frequencies, ideal for guitar-centric music.


Experience the pinnacle of innovation meeting tradition in the EX300—a testament to superior sound quality and stunning aesthetics that transcend boundaries.

Analog Relax EX300 Cartridge

R63 200,00Price

A Stronger Bond, a Purer Sound:

The EX300 introduces a revolutionary approach with its "IF adhesive" technology. This innovative method utilizes a special adhesive infused with microscopic diamond particles, creating an exceptionally strong bond between the stylus and cantilever. This meticulous attention to a previously overlooked detail eliminates micro-wobbling, resulting in a dramatic improvement in sound information retrieval and overall presence.

The Soul of Walnut:

Just like the finest guitars, the EX300 boasts a body crafted from carefully selected solid walnut. This revered tonewood resonates with a warmth and richness that perfectly complements the precision of the "IF adhesive" technology. The natural beeswax finish enhances the wood's beauty while allowing it to mature gracefully over time.

A Well-Rounded Performance:

The EX300 is a versatile performer, excelling in reproducing a wide range of musical genres. Its sound signature is characterized by precision and a powerful foundation in the mid-to-low frequencies. This makes it particularly well-suited for music that relies heavily on guitars, creating a harmonious sonic experience that resonates with the shared material.

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