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Introducing the mono-block CAD-211FE: the epitome of audio artistry, setting the standard for reference-grade performance. Crafted as a fully balanced reference design, it delivers a linear sound profile—from deep bass to natural mid-range and silky highs—ensuring superior listening across all music genres.


Trusted by professional studios worldwide, the CAD-211FE embodies uncompromising quality and reliability. Join the tube rolling community to customize your sound further with its compatibility with a vast array of 845 and 300B tubes.


With 70 watts of pure Class A power and up to 150 watts in Class-AB, the CAD-211FE seamlessly combines power and finesse, providing unmatched ease and scale. Elevate your audio journey today with the CAD-211FE and experience true sonic excellence.

Cary Audio CAD-211FE Amplifier

R549 800,00Price

Class A, Class A/B, Class B, Pure Balanced Design

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