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Discover unparalleled realism and detail with the CAD-300SEI — a Single-Ended Triode (SET) amplifier revered by tube enthusiasts. Harnessing this technology, it delivers a pure, natural musical experience, revealing rich layers of detail, a lush midrange, and captivating dimensionality.


Despite its modest 15-watt total output, the CAD-300SEI excels, creating a backdrop of silence against which every musical nuance flourishes. Unveil the true essence of your favorite recordings, discerning the subtlest details—from the resonant tones of a piano to the nuanced timbres of a violin.


Praised by Head-Fi enthusiasts worldwide, its integrated headphone output offers uncompromising amplification for a transcendent listening experience.


Elevate your audio journey with the CAD-300SEI—a testament to the timeless adage that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Cary Audio CAD-300SEI Integrated Amplifier

R155 300,00Price
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