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Continuing its legacy, the Reference Series CAD-805RS epitomizes SET mono-block amplifier excellence, considered by The Absolute Sound among the ten most important amplifier designs of all time.


Its circuit and parts upgrades ensure it remains the benchmark for SET audio performance.

SET amplifiers, known for their pure Class-A operation, offer a harmonic richness that sets them apart. SET enthusiasts praise the CAD-805RS for its holographic soundstage, harmonic richness, and lush midrange, delivering an immersive listening experience across various music genres.


With the flexibility to choose between included 845 and 211 output tubes, tailor your sound preference to either a rich, lush sound or a more linear, powerful profile. Experience the magic of music like never before with the CAD-805RS—where every note resonates with unmatched clarity and depth.

Cary Audio CAD-805RS Amplifier

R406 300,00Price

Single-Ended Pure Class A

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