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Enter the realm of audio nirvana with the SLP-05, the epitome of a reference-level preamplifier. As a dual-chassis masterpiece, this fully balanced line-level preamp, coupled with a dedicated headphone stage, delivers awe-inspiring performance. Prepare for a sonic journey immersed in a vast soundstage, accompanied by lush tones and textured bass that captivates the senses. Unlike others, the SLP-05 elevates vocals to monumental proportions, offering a sonic experience beyond compare.


Unleash the full potential of the SLP-05 with our Ultimate Upgrade Option—an evolution over 15 years in the making, enhancing both power supply and line stage circuitry. Elevate your audio journey to unprecedented heights with this comprehensive upgrade, transforming the SLP-05 into a realm of performance previously unimaginable. Click here to delve into a sonic adventure like never before.


The SLP-05 includes a removable cage cover, available at an additional cost.

Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamplifier

R239 000,00Price

Circuit Type:
Class A Triode Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Design

Output Voltage:
2 volts rated, 12 Volts maximum

Overall Gain:
17 dB – Single-ended RCA
24 dB – Balanced Operation

Rated Distortion:
0.03 % THD

Noise and Hum:
-90 dB below full output

Input Impedance:
50,000 Ohms – RCA
100,000 Ohms – XLR

Output Impedance:
400 Ohms

Frequency Response:
5 Hz to 250,000 Hz

Vacuum Tubes:
8 ea – 6SN7 octal tubes for the balanced, headphone and gain stages
1 ea – 5AR4 Rectifier Tube in Power Supply

Power Transformer(s):
R CORE 200% Duty Cycle

1% Metal Film

Polystyrene, Film and Foil

Power Supply:
Capacitors 2 ea – 560µF @ 400 VDC

AC Cord:
3 Conductor, Detachable

AC Power Requirements:
117 or 234 Volts AC @ 50 or 60 Hz

75 watts – Operation
25 watts – Standby

Warm-Up Time:
3 Minutes

Break-In Time:
100 hours of playing time

Remote volume control and muting
One Cinema Bypass (XLR balanced or RCA)
One tape monitor loop
Two XLR balanced stereo inputs
Three RCA stereo inputs
One XLR balanced and two RCA pairs of preamplifier outputs

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