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Cary Audio has long championed vinyl playback, and with the VT-500, the LP resurgence reaches new heights. This vacuum tube stereo phono preamplifier, featuring four 6SL7 dual triode tubes, is dedicated to delivering unmatched vinyl playback.


Its RIAA equalization curve, derived from a passive RC circuit, ensures precision between gain stages. The VT-500 boasts a fully regulated power supply in a separate chassis for quiet operation, with MC section utilizing high-quality step-up transformers for low noise.


With inputs and selectable loading, it accommodates various moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridges, optimizing response for your setup. For analog enthusiasts, the VT-500 offers a magical blend of art and technology, enhancing music listening with nuanced shadings and dynamic contrasts. Serious about vinyl? The VT-500 belongs in your system.

Cary Audio VT-500 Phono Stage

R143 400,00Price

Circuit Type:
Direct Coupled
Single-ended Class A

Frequency Response:
RIAA Curve + 0.5 dB, passive RIAA circuit design

MM - 38 dB, using triode vacuum tubes
MC - 65 dB, using input transformers and triode vacuum tubes

Noise and Hum:
-78 dB below full output

Input Impedance:
MM – 47kΩ
MC – Selectable 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1000Ω

Output Impedance:

Power Supply:
Design Fully Regulated Power Supply with 1 ea. – R-Core transformer

Output Polarity:

Vacuum Tube Complement:
2 ea – 6SL7 Head Amp
2 ea – 6SL7 RIAA EQ & Amp Gain Stage
1 ea – 5AR4 Vacuum Tube Rectifier (located in external power supply chassis)

AC Power Requirements:
100V-120V @ 50/60 Hz or 200V-240V @ 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:
15 watts

Warm-Up Time:
5 Minutes

Break-In Time:
100 hours of music playing time

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