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Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman (50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition Box Set)


A Deep Dive into a Folk-Rock Classic

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cat Stevens' iconic album, Tea for the Tillerman, with this immersive Super Deluxe Edition box set. This comprehensive collection offers a deep dive into the masterpiece that propelled Stevens to international fame.


A New Mix and Unreleased Treasures

The box set features a brand new 2020 album remix and remaster, overseen by original album producer Paul Samwell-Smith. This mix offers a fresh perspective on the timeless songs, while the remaster ensures the audio sounds pristine and vibrant. Beyond the new mix, the set boasts a wealth of previously unreleased content, including demos, outtakes, alternate versions, and live performances. This treasure trove offers a fascinating glimpse into the creative process behind the album and showcases Stevens' artistry in a whole new light.


More Than Just an Album

This Super Deluxe Edition extends far beyond the music itself. The box set includes a Blu-ray featuring the 2020 mix in high-definition audio, along with a selection of previously unreleased live TV performances. Exclusive physical collectibles round out the package, including a limited edition vinyl pressing of the 2020 mix, a Yusuf/Cat Stevens designed print, a reproduction handwritten lyric sheet, and a fold-out live performance poster.


A Must-Have for Cat Stevens Fans

The Tea for the Tillerman: 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition Box Set is a must-have for any fan of Cat Stevens or classic folk-rock music. With its combination of remastered classics, previously unreleased gems, and exclusive collectibles, this box set offers a truly comprehensive exploration of a timeless album.

Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman (Super Deluxe Edition 2020 Remaster Box Set)

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A Deep Dive into Tea for the Tillerman

This 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition box set offers an unparalleled exploration of Cat Stevens' iconic album, Tea for the Tillerman. Delve into the following treasures:


  • 6 CDs:
    • CD1: Original Album (2020 Remaster)
    • CD2: Original Album (2020 Mix) - Exclusive to this box set
    • CD3: Tea For The Tillerman² - Yusuf's new interpretations of the original songs
    • CD4: Demos / Outtakes / Alternate Versions - Featuring previously unreleased tracks
    • CD5: Live - A collection of live performances, including previously unreleased recordings
  • Blu-ray Disc:
    • Music Video & Live Videos:
      • Official "Father and Son" video
      • Selection of previously unreleased live TV performances
    • High-resolution audio of the 2020 Album Mix
  • Limited Edition Vinyl LP: Original Album (2020 Mix) - Exclusive to this box set
  • 12-inch Vinyl: Live At The Troubadour, 1970 - Previously unreleased live recording


  • "Pick Up A Good Book" bookmark
  • Yusuf / Cat Stevens designed "Miles From Nowhere" print
  • Reproduction handwritten lyric sheet for "Miles From Nowhere"
  • Fold-out "Live From The Troubadour 1970" poster
  • Tea for the Tillerman sticker
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