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Introducing the CAD-120S MkII: a fully balanced stereo tube amplifier that seamlessly combines power and finesse for an unforgettable listening journey.


With fan-favorite status, this amplifier offers flexibility by operating in pure Class A at 60 watts per channel or switching to Class AB for an impressive 120 watts per channel—ensuring you can customize your sound with ease.


Versatile and adaptable, the CAD-120S MkII effortlessly complements any preamplifier, delivering captivating sound that invites you to immerse yourself in the music. Sit back, relax, and let the CAD-120S MkII transport you into a world of pure audio bliss.

Cary Audio CAD-120S MKII Amplifier

R155 300,00Price

Class AB, push-pull amplifier, Ultralinear or Triode mode operation with a front panel selector switch

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