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Shelter Model 201 MM Cartridge: Affordable Vinyl Joy


Experience Vinyl Bliss on a Budget

Discover the pleasures of vinyl without breaking the bank with the Shelter Model 201 MM Cartridge. Crafted for affordability, it delivers a rich and dynamic sound, ensuring a delightful listening experience that won't compromise your budget.


Performance Without Compromise

  • Affordable Excellence: Designed to bring the magic of vinyl within reach, the Model 201 offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point, making it perfect for enthusiasts seeking quality without the premium price tag.

  • Robust Sound Quality: Despite its affordability, the Model 201 delivers a robust sound character that enhances your vinyl collection. Each note is rendered with clarity and precision, ensuring an immersive listening experience every time.

Easy Compatibility

  • Lightweight and Versatile: With its lightweight design, the Model 201 is easy to install and compatible with a wide range of tonearms and turntables, offering versatility and convenience for vinyl enthusiasts of all levels.

  • Matched Output Voltage: Engineered for seamless integration, the Model 201 features matched output voltage, guaranteeing compatibility with your existing setup and ensuring hassle-free installation and optimal performance.


Affordable Vinyl Excellence

The Shelter Model 201 MM Cartridge combines affordability with exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for audiophiles looking to enjoy the beauty of vinyl without breaking the bank.

Shelter Model 201 MM Cartridge

R4 800,00Price
  • Output voltage:

  • Stylus tip:
    0.3 x 0.7mil elliptical bonded diamond

  •  Load impedance:
    less than 50K ohm

  • Weight:
    6.2 gram

  • Tracking force:
    1.5 to 2.0 gram

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