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Introducing the Degritter Mark II, the pinnacle of record care revolutionizing the vinyl world. With effortless operation, simply fill the tank, insert your record, and press start for a thorough, fully automatic clean.


Enhanced by pulse-mode cleaning and a powerful 300W ultrasonic amplifier, it ensures deep cleaning with its industry-leading 120kHz ultrasonic system and frequency sweep feature for uniform cleaning.


Adaptable to various record sizes and offering unprecedented fan control for drying, its active filtering system prevents impurities from redepositing, while advanced monitoring ensures safety. Compact yet award-winning, it seamlessly integrates into any setup, backed by a two-year warranty and acclaimed by industry leaders.


Rediscover your vinyl's true potential with Degritter Mark II and enjoy a dramatic reduction in noise, a blacker background, and an immersive listening experience like never before.

Degritter Mark II Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

R77 200,00Price

Effortless Cleaning, Superior Results:

  • Simply fill the tank, insert your record, and press start. Degritter Mark II takes care of the rest, delivering a thorough, fully automatic clean.

Enhanced Performance:

  • Pulse-mode cleaning dislodges stubborn dirt with powerful acoustic waves, while the upgraded 300W ultrasonic amplifier ensures deep cleaning.

  • The industry-leading 120kHz ultrasonic system, combined with a frequency sweep feature, provides uniform cleaning across the entire record surface.

Unmatched Versatility:

  • Degritter Mark II cleans 12-inch LPs by default and adapts to 7- and 10-inch records with optional adapters.

  • Unprecedented fan control allows you to customize drying speed and noise level for optimal convenience.

Long-lasting Cleanliness:

  • The active filtering system removes impurities during cleaning, preventing them from redepositing on your records.

  • The easy-to-maintain cylindrical filter ensures a clean and efficient cleaning process.

Advanced Control and Safety:

  • Degritter Mark II features a comprehensive monitoring system that alerts you to potential issues and prevents malfunctions.

  • Software updates are simple via the built-in SD card slot, keeping your machine at peak performance.

Compact and Award-Winning:

  • Measuring just 14.6 x 11 x 8.3 inches, Degritter Mark II seamlessly integrates into any audio setup.

  • Backed by a two-year warranty and recognized by industry leaders like The Absolute Sound and TONEAudio, Degritter Mark II delivers exceptional value.

Hear the Difference:

  • Rediscover the true potential of your vinyl collection with Degritter Mark II. Experience a dramatic reduction in noise, a blacker background, and a more immersive listening experience.

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