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The Emma EVO stands as a testament to EgglestonWorks' commitment to innovation and excellence. Born from the original Emma's revolutionary performance, the completely redesigned Emma EVO surpasses its predecessor in performance, quality, and value.


As the entry point in the EgglestonWorks EVO series, the Emma EVO reflects a comprehensive research and development effort aimed at creating affordable loudspeakers without compromising sonic or aesthetic excellence.


Drawing from the advancements of the Viginti Limited Edition and Kiva speakers, the Emma EVO inherits re-designed cabinets, internal bracing, and porting systems. This trickle-down R&D ensures that the Emma EVO benefits from the same cabinet advancements as larger speakers in the line, resulting in superior sound delivery.


EgglestonWorks' design philosophy prioritizes creating the best speaker at any price point. While some may fear that a model could be "too good" and cannibalize sales, EgglestonWorks remains committed to delivering exceptional performance across its product line. Each speaker is meticulously crafted to deliver state-of-the-art sound quality within specific parameters of room size, gear, and budget.


With the Emma EVO, EgglestonWorks offers the quality and beauty of high-end speakers at a real-world price. Experience the excellence for yourself and be impressed!

Eggleston Works The Emma EVOlution Loudspeaker

R183 900,00Price

Frequency Response:
30Hz to 24kHz

6ohms nominal


One set of rhodium binding posts

Woofer/Midrange System:
Dual 6” woofer

Treble System:
1” fabric dome tweeter. Hi-Dynamic Range voice coil/magnet system

7.5” x 16” x 43” H

69 lbs

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