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The EgglestonWorks Ivy Signature SE, developed in collaboration with mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, stands as a reference speaker, maintaining its status in the main room at Gateway Mastering Studio. Combining accuracy and musicality, it offers a truthful portrayal of music without inducing fatigue during long listening sessions.

Featuring eight visible drive units on the baffle, the Ivy Signature incorporates isobaric loading behind its midrange and woofer drivers, resulting in effortless and lifelike sound reproduction.


Whether you're a professional engineer or a music enthusiast, the Ivy Signature embodies EgglestonWorks' commitment to accuracy and musicality.


Recognizing the latest advancements, EgglestonWorks introduces the "Special Edition" mark (SE), enhancing performance and aesthetics with upgraded paint finishing, crossover components, internal wiring, and binding posts. These refinements elevate an already impressive speaker to new heights of excellence.

Eggleston Works The Ivy Signature SE Reference speaker

R4 229 600,00Price

Frequency response is from -4dB @ 13 Hz to well beyond 24,000 Hz.

Efficiency is 88dB.

Impedance is 7 Ohms, nominal.

Minimum impedance is 5 Ohms.

1″ cloth dome.

Twelve 6″ double-magnet driver, with a 3″ voice coil diameter.

Six 12” woofers loaded in parallel chambers in pressure driven configuration.

15” x 36” x 76” H


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