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In 1997, EgglestonWorks rocked the audio world with the debut of the ANDRA, swiftly gaining acclaim and earning Stereophile Magazine's coveted "Speaker of the Year" award. Praised by both audiophiles and professionals like mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, the Andra's clarity and fatigue-free sound made it an instant hit.


Over two decades, the Andra evolved with two major design updates and numerous improvements, maintaining its excellence while advancing performance and aesthetics. To celebrate its legacy, EgglestonWorks introduced the Viginti Limited Edition, paying homage to the Andra's 20-year journey.


Named after "Twenty" in Latin, the Viginti embodies EgglestonWorks' audio excellence, featuring dual 10” carbon woofers and a unique slot porting system for authoritative, pitch-perfect bass. Carbon-dome midrange drivers and a Beryillium tweeter deliver unmatched clarity and detailed trebles, while meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious materials ensure both sonic satisfaction and aesthetic appeal.


Combining heritage with innovation, tradition with transformation, the Andra Viginti Limited Edition honors its past while defining the future of speaker design.


Spend time with the Viginti to experience its remarkable advancement of the Andra legacy.

Eggleston Works The Viginti Loudspeaker

R1 115 000,00Price

1” Beryllium dome

2 – 6” carbon cone dome

2 – 10” carbon cone subwoofers


Efficiency is 87dB

Impedance is 6 Ohms,3.9 Ohm minimum at 29Hz

Usable output extends from 20Hz to 40kHz

14” x 23” x 50” H


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