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Hear it as the musicians intended


Our 3510 Series is a master-class in amplification. Created by one of the world’s most respected Hi-Fi brands, our 3510 Series will deliver your music with an accuracy and power you would never expect from a product so competitively priced.

Exposure 3510 Series Integrated Amplifier

R66 200,00Price

3510 Integrated:
110W per channel into 8 Ohms
Switchable home theatre bypass
Available Black or Titanium
Download product information sheet here


3510 Pre-amplifier:
6 line inputs or 5 plus optional phono card, 2 main out (RCA) and 1 tape output
Full remote control of input selector, volume and mute
Available Black or Titanium


3510 Stereo Power Amplifier:
Ideal for driving difficult speaker loads
Clean and extended low frequency performance
Available Black or Titanium


3510 Mono Power Amplifier:
DC coupled throughout
Balanced & Unbalanced Input
Available Black or Titanium


3510 CD Player:
Top loading mechanism
Display can be turned off for improved sound quality
Available Black or Titanium

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