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Introducing the Glanz MH-1200S Tonearm: a high-fidelity masterpiece engineered to satisfy audiophiles chasing superior sound quality from low-compliance cartridges.



  • Precision craftsmanship: Constructed from stainless steel and brass, it ensures optimal resonance control and sonic precision.
  • High effective mass design: With its high effective mass design, it flawlessly tracks low-compliance cartridges, guaranteeing exceptional audio fidelity.
  • Static balance method: Utilizing a static balance method, it enables precise cartridge alignment for maximized performance.
  • 12-inch effective length: Its 12-inch effective length offers broad compatibility with most turntables, accommodating various setups.
  • Adjustable arm height: The adjustable arm height feature ensures optimal

Glanz MH-1200S Tonearm

R176 300,00Price
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