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Introducing the Glanz MH-9Bt Tonearm: a precision-engineered solution for audiophiles chasing superior sound from low-compliance cartridges. Crafted from stainless steel and brass, it ensures optimal resonance control and sonic purity. With a high effective mass design, it tracks low-compliance cartridges flawlessly, while its static balanced design allows for precise alignment. Its 9-inch length offers broad compatibility, and adjustable arm height ensures perfect cartridge optimization. The package includes a detachable headshell for easy cartridge swapping and a tonearm cable. Ideal for enthusiasts using cartridges like Ortofon SPU, Denon DL-103, Koetsu, Miyajima Labs, and Audio Technica. Note: Due to its high effective mass, it's not recommended for high-compliance cartridges. In the box: Glanz MH-9Bt tonearm, detachable headshell, and tonearm cable.

Glanz MH-9Bt Tonearm

R45 100,00Price
  • Precision-crafted from stainless steel and brass for superior resonance control and sonic purity

  • High effective mass design ensures excellent tracking of low-compliance cartridges (weight specifications include headshell)

  • Static balanced design allows for precise cartridge alignment and optimal performance

  • 9-inch effective length offers broad compatibility with most turntables

  • Adjustable arm height for perfect cartridge optimization

  • Detachable headshell included for easy cartridge swapping

  • Includes tonearm cable

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