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Indulge in the intricate nuances of your vinyl collection with the Goldring 1022GX phono cartridge. Meticulously crafted for discerning listeners, it offers an unparalleled blend of innovative features, ensuring exceptional sound reproduction.

Goldring 1022GX Cartridge

R11 700,00Price

Precision Meets Performance:

  • Vital-Shank, Nude Diamond Stylus: The heart of the 1022GX lies in its advanced stylus. This specially shaped diamond profile boasts a low tip-mass and a large contact area, ensuring accurate tracking and retrieval of even the subtlest sonic details.

  • Reduced Record Wear: The line-contact design minimizes wear on both the stylus and your precious records. Additionally, the stylus plays lower in the groove compared to traditional spherical types, potentially revitalizing older recordings.

Engineered for Exceptional Sound:

  • Low-Mass Pocan® Body: A rigid, glass-reinforced polyester body keeps unwanted vibrations at bay, contributing to a clean audio signal. This lightweight construction ensures compatibility with a wide range of tonearms.

  • High-Efficiency Magnetic Circuit: Goldring's unique coil design, featuring etched mu-metal pole pieces and four-thousand-turn coils, delivers a potent output and a smooth, extended frequency response.

Uncompromising Accuracy:

  • Reduced Moving Mass: An ultra-low-mass Alnico V magnet minimizes inertia and ensures accurate tracking. This meticulous engineering contributes to a detailed and transparent listening experience.

  • Expertly Adjusted Azimuth: Goldring meticulously sets the stylus azimuth at the factory, guaranteeing a proper stereo soundstage and optimal performance right out of the box.

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