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Dive into your favorite music with the Goldring E2 phono cartridge, enhancing your vinyl experience with upgraded detail and accuracy. Continuing Goldring's dedication to fidelity, the E2 faithfully reproduces every note and nuance, preserving the artist's intended rhythm for an immersive listening journey.

Goldring E2 Cartridge

R2 200,00Price

Engineered for Enhanced Performance:

  • Upgraded Aluminum Cantilever: The key difference between the E1 and E2 lies in the cantilever. The E2 boasts a stiffer and lighter aluminum cantilever compared to the E1's carbon fiber option. This translates to improved tracking of medium and high frequencies, resulting in a richer and more detailed soundscape. Expect reduced distortion and improved tracking during loud passages for a more enjoyable listening experience.

  • Magnetic Duplex Technology™: This innovative feature, present in all E-series cartridges, utilizes a dual-magnet design. By mimicking the geometry of the original cutting head, it ensures accurate stereo information retrieval from the record groove. This translates to a wider soundstage and a more immersive listening experience.

  • Pre-Adjusted for Optimal Performance: Goldring meticulously sets the stylus angle during production, eliminating the need for complex adjustments on your end. This ensures consistent performance and optimal sound quality throughout the cartridge's lifespan.

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